Hornloaded high-performance 3-way speaker and high-performance hybrid 21"-subwoofer



arrow   TF 3/60
3-way hornloaded speaker
1.470 W (RMS)
dual 12”+ 10” transducers
60° x 40° (HxV)

arrow   TF 3/90
3-way hornloaded speaker
1.470 W (RMS)
dual 12”+ 10” transducers
90° x 60° (HxV)

The TRINITY TF 3 is a completely horn-loaded 3-way high-performance loudspeaker. TF 3 works in a frequency range from 48 Hz up to 20 kHz and delivers a maximum SPL of 136 dB. TRINITY offers excellent dynamics, extremely high SPL and sound quality at highest resolution. The T 21 SUB hybrid subwoofer combines the advantages of a deeply tuned bandpass technology with a long-throw effect and high dynamic range, which is typical for a horn-loaded design. The TRINITY MAX system is a professional tool for top-40 bands, open-airs and fixed installations at top level.


arrow   T 21SUB
hybrid subwoofer
21” transducer
1.800 W (RMS)
8 ohms

Fullrange Types

Subwoofer Types

Performance System


arrow   TRINITY MAX System
2 x TF 3/60 or 2 x TF 3/90
4 x T 21 SUB


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