2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel power amplifiers for touring and fixed installation

Professional Power Amplifiers


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Class-DH switch mode power amplifiers
2 x 450 W up to 2 x 1.800 W (4 ohms)


arrow   DXP Series  

Class-H switch mode power amplifiers
2 x 1.200 W up to 2 x 2.300 W (4 ohms)


arrow   TX Series  

20.000 W (RMS) 4-channel class-D switch mode high-performance power amplifier with on-board DSP,
ethernet interface, extensive PC software for remote control and programming,
4 x 5.000 W or 2 x 10.000 W (bridged)


arrow   DXI Series  

Light weighted 8-channel class-D switch mode power amplifier, 8 x 200 W (4 ohms)


arrow   HX Series  

Class-H power amplifiers
2 x 450 W up to 2 x 2.000 W (4 ohms)

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